Automatic fortified rice making machine customized for india

Automatic fortified rice making machine customized for india

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industrial fortified rice production line

Flow chart of  Artificial Rice Production Line/Plant :

Milling Machine–Meal Mixer–Screw conveyor–Twin screw Extruder–Vibrating Separator — Air Blower with cyclone discharger–Multi-layer dryer –Cooling Conveyor.

automatic artificial fortified rice kernel making plant

1-Milling Machine

Specification:Product Type:Grinding Machine,Brand : Made in India,Power Consumption : 7.5 HP,Body Material : SS

Automatic Grade:Fully Automatic,Voltage:230 V,Motor:Copper Winding,Blade:4,Phase : Single Phase,Hopper Capacity:50 KG,Grinding Capacity : 200 KG,Grinding Chamber Size : 16 x 7 inch,Weight:135 kg (Approx)

Application:Grinding Wet and Dry Material

2-Meal Mixer

Type: Vertical and horizontal type,Motor: 1.5kw,Capacity: 25kg/batch,Material: stainless steel, carbon steel

Function:To mix the raw materials evenly, fast speed, no leakage.

3-Screw conveyor

Dimension(m): 3.2×0.6×0.7meter,Motor Power: 1.5KW siemens motor,Screw speed: 300rpm,Capacity Of Transfer Material: 200kg/hr,convey height range:2.5M,barrel diameter: Φ141mm

Function:Power material can be conveyed in the stainless steel roller to the feeder of extruder without leaking, dust and pollution

4-Twin screw extruder

Dimension(m): 3.2×1.0×1.3meter,Main Motor Power:30KW Siemens motor,Feeder motor:0.75kw,Cutting motor: 1.5kw,Heating power:10kw LG Inverter,Extruder diameter:Φ70 mm,Capacity: 125-150kg/hr

Function:Extrude and cook raw material into different size and shapes


Screw material is 38CrMoAl with nit riding treatment, the hardness is 60HRC.. The barrel also use good material, hardness is 55HRC.The gear box has forced lubrication system.All motors can be adjusted the speed by Inverter.

The Extruder can change different molds to produce different shapes products 5-Vibrating Separator with SS201 frame .Driving power0.24kw Dimension: 2800×1200×3800mm,Power 0.37kw

5-Air Blower with cyclone discharger

Total power0.37kw, Dimension950×420×640mm,Power 0.37kw

6-Multi-layer dryer

Dimension(m): 5.4×1.3×1.8,Heating Power:18kw Siemens motor,Motor power:0.75kw,Belt speed:0.1-10M/minute

Belt:- 3 Layer,Temperature: 20-200℃,Capacity: 200Kg/hr

Function:There are Three layers inside, each layer is 4 meters long, it can save space and energy. Electricity heating, used to bake and dry food.


The net belt running speed can be controlled by Inverter, to change the food drying time in the dryer.

Heating adopts the electric heat tube.

It has automatic temperature Control system.

The belt and the cover are all stainless steel.

7-Cooling conveyor

Dimension(m): 5.0×0.7×1.1,Motor Power:1 KW

Function:Cool the food after flavoring ,make the food suitable for packing.


Stainless steel material

Have fan and baffle,better cooling and no leakage

Summary of fortified rice kernel making machine:

Nutrition Fortified Rice Making Machine is use to made Artificial Nutrition Fortified Rice India Arhar Chana Dal Dall via the extruder and dryer.It has characters of high automatic, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection.You can also add additional nutrient components, such as vitamins, minerals etc. After extruding, forming and drying, you can get the nutritional Chana Dal.