Cheap Price Automatic Volumetric Cup Packing Machine

Today we introduce one kind of our vertical automatic packing machine for you.we call this volumetric cup packing machine.according to big multihead weigher packing machine,The main advantage is that the packing machine price is lower much more but with an acceptable packing speed,it also include product weighing,filling,bag forming,sealing,date printing function.nitrogen filling and chain bag function are also available for your do you think about it?

Summary of volumetric cup packing machine:

This volumetric cup packing machine is suitable for variery of loose rounded granuales in the meadical, food, chemical and other industries.For example puffed snacks, breakfast cereal,peanuts, melon seeds, rice, seeds, pepper, corn kernels, popcorn, suger, biscuits and other granular solid materials packaging.

Main Features of volumetric cup packing machine:

1) Imported PLC control system and color touching screen enable easy and efficeint operation.

2) The bag type is diversified, and it can provide customers with pillow-shoaped bags, gusset bags, hanging hole bags, and even bags.

3) Imported servo film transport system, imported color standard sensor, accurate positioning, excellent machine performance and beautiful packaging.

4) A variety of automatic alarm protection functions are used to minimize losses.

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