customized automatic puff snack processing machine ship to india

Customized puff snacks processing machineship to india

Today we ship automatic puff snack extruder machine production line to india.This puff snack line include flour mixer,screw conveyor,twin screw extruder,bucket conveyor,multi layer automatic dryer,flavoring drum.

automatic puff snack processing machine
Automatic Corn Puff Snacks Making Line

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Features of Puffed Corn Snacks Making Machines

1:Aesthetically and ergonomically build machine for best performance

2:Produced in an advanced state of the art manufacturing facility

3:World class bought out items for optimum operations

4:Efficient control panel to set important operative parameters easily

5:Designed to work 24 hours, round the clock

6:Operator friendly machine, hence easy to operate and maintain

7:Low maintenance and operating cost

8:Sturdy design to ensure long life and trouble-free operation