High quality artificial rice making machine production line

1.Description of artificial nutritional rice making machine:

Artificial rice technology is a breakthrough in the principle of extrusion in the field of grain recycling.The biggest characteristic of this technology is to add various nutrients needed by human body into food, and produce various health care products, therapeutic food and functional food.This high performance artificial rice making machine has high automation degree. artificial rice making machine takes the rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat and all kinds of corns and cereals as raw material, the vitamin, protein and mineral composition is added, then they are extruded and become the rice appearance again. This automatic artificial rice making machine process is easy, convenient and has the same edible method as the natural rice.

2.Flow chart of the automatic artificial rice production line:

Flour Mixer→Screw Conveyor→Double Screw Extruder→Vibrator→Air conveyor→Automatic Dryer→Cooling Conveyor.

3.Features Of artificial rice extruder:

a. The screws are made by alloy steel (38CrMoAL) and special craft by nitriding process, The HRC hardness is around 60—62, it has good self-cleaning ability and does not need to discharge or clean the barrel and screw, when roasting or replacing of materials.

b. The extrusion barrel is constructed of carbon steel, is made by #45 steel, stainless steel coating.

c. The gearbox has automatic lubrication function, with extends gear life.

d. Cutting knife fixed in the die head seat, rotary cutting by V-belt drive.

e. SIEMENS(CHINA) brands electronic parts used in the controller box, make sure the extrusion process perfect.

f. Main Motor from SIEMENS(CHINA), ensure its powerful extrusion and excellent performance.