High Quality Automatic Corn Puffs Snack Extruder Food Machine

High Quality Automatic Corn Puffs Snack Extruder Food Machine

Brief Description of twin screw extruded snacks food machine:

Corn Puff Snack Production Line is most popular type snacks food line. We can get different shapes puff snacks food by same production line, just need to change the mould of snacks food extruder. Puff Snacks Production Line is a new type extrusion food machines. It can use the powder of rice,corn,wheat,oat or other grains as raw materials. The final snacks products are crispy and sweet. It is very popular in the market.

Corn Puff Snacks Machine Process Line Production Flow:

1.Mixer : Mixing all the raw materials in the recipe

2.Screw conveyor: Lift the materials to extruder feeder

3.Twin-screw extruder: Cook and form the raw materials under the condition of high temperature and high pressure.

4.Air Conveyor: Send unfinished product to dryer

5.Gas/Electricity Dryer: Remove the moisture and make the snacks more crispy.

6.Hoister: Lift the products to Flavoring Rolls

7.Flavoring Line: Can make the snacks with different taste

8.Cooling conveyor: Cooling the finished product and send to next equipment

Layout of corn puff snacks food machine Process Line:

We can design the puff snacks processing line layout according to the dimension of customers’ factory.