How Puffed Corn Is Made?

Puffed snacks are made from grains like wheat,rice,corn etc.They are tasty,crispy,affordable,easy to make and nutritious.Puffed snack are produced by different method in the world.

As the food development manager at Wanwei Machinery Company.i am often asked how to create new product.To be honest, it usually begin from a client request or a new idea from our staff.An example of this process is our hot selling product,corn puff making machine.

How do you image the puff corn is produced?maybe you think it is mixed kinds of food additives.NO.the original corn puffs is just corn without any other ingredients,even sugar.but after years research and development,we evolved the updated process to meet our clients and market demand.

Shaping into puffs,main step:

First we mix the cornflour with 10% water to the expected moisture percentage.mixing 2 minutes,the mixture will be like a little thick paste but not dough.

Next the wet corn flour conveyor to an extruder machine that forms the shapes(corn puffs).

In the extruder,an double screw pushes and press the mixture through one small die at high pressure to air.This high pressure and proper temperature force the moisture in the cornflour paste into steam,and create air bubble inside,puffs the corn finally.

Meanwhile,the puffed mixture pushed through the die,a rotating knife cuts the mixture into certain size and shape you choose.

Roasting is second main step:

After extruding cutting,cornflour is puffed and shaped.then the puffed corn is conveyed through an oven for further roasting.theresult is reducing the moisture to 5 percentage and we get crispy pops,puff corn.

Mixing flavour:

Next,we mix the flavour together.currently we make puffs with different flavor such as hot spice,sweet caramel,chocolate,salted,etc.

Once the flavored puffs cool down to room temperature,the coated flavour becomes a crunchy shell and they are ready for packing.

Packing into package:

The flavored puffs are mechanically measured, for a specified amount, from hoppers that drop into the tube of packaging film. The form and fill machine heating element seals the top and bottom, and cuts each bag off the tube,and print manufacturing date on the bags.

Carton packing:

We can pack individual bags into cartons, then put them on pallets and ship them off to customers.

If you are interested in our puffed snack production line,please click here to learn more information.Or send inquiry, we can talk about your demand.