Installation of dog food production line in Romania

Installation for automatic dog food production line in Romania

We Complete installation of automatic dog food production line in Romania at March,2019.

Dog food production Capacity 300-400kg per hour.

The total complete line include Mixer; Spiral conveyor; Double screw extruder; Air conveyor; Drying oven; Oil sprayer; Automatic packing machine.

This dog making machine adopt twin screw extrusion process,the advantage of the twin screw extruder as follow:

1. Screw design uses dual-head full-mesh structure, using self-clean block screw, can be any combination

2. New type Rail-mounted cutting system;

3. Parallel shaft cylindrical helical Gear Box, it is manufactured by our factory;

4. New Type Direct Transmit System, more power (no belt, between gear box with motor), reducing energy consumption;

5. Full automatic heating system and cooling system