Automatic Core Filled Puff Snack Production Line

The Core Filled Snack Production Line adopts corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley etc as ingredients to make puffed snack. Through friction of screw and barrel, the grains are cooked in the extruder. Forming is at the die face cutter. The product shape is determined by a combination of the die aperture, including ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower,etc.

  • Payment:30%TT as deposit,70%TT before deliverying
  • Product Origin:China
  • Shipping Port:Qingdao Port,Shanghai Port,Guangzhou Port,China
  • Lead Time:30 days after receiving your deposit


New Products

Product item:automatic core filled snack production line

Product description:

Core filled snacks food machine can finish mixing, extruding, shaping, core-filling, cutting, baking and flavoring in one-pass operation automatically. This line features lots of types, flexible collocation, extensive applied raw materials, various snacks and easy operation. By changing the moulds and process technology, this line can produce core-filled snacks, like chocolate filled bar, cream filled pillow, rice cake, cereal bar,sheet snacks etc.

Final products:Variety shapes are available for Round Bar ,Square bar,Pillow etc.

Machine material:Stainless steel 304 or as customer??s request

Electricity component brand:Siemens,ABB motor available??Delta,LG inverter available

Burner brand:Baltur,Italy

automatic core filled snack production line

Product parameter:

















Processing flow of automatic the core filled snack production line:

Processing flow :Mixing system; Extrusion system; Cutting system;Filling system;Conveyoring system; Drying system; Flavoring system; Packing system

Equipment involved:Mixer; Spiral conveyor; Double screw extruder; Cutter;Stuff filling machine;Belt conveyor; Drying oven; Flavor mixing drum; Oil sprayer; Automatic packing machine.

twin extruder for snack puff

Seperate equipment description:


Function: mixing and hydrating flour with ingredients and few water

Spiral Conveyor

Function: transferring the Materials spirally from the blender to an extruder

Twin Screw Extruder 

Model: SLG-65,SLG-70

Production Capacity: 120 – 150 Kg/h ??SLG-65 as example??

Function:To extrude the raw materials and make them to the required shape and size of the corn snacks food pellets by mould.

Snack bar Cutter:

Function: cut into Round Bar ,Square bar,Pillow etc;Pillow shape need one separate cutter.

Core filling machine:

Function: Fill the chocolate or cream into the center of product.

Principle:The colloidal core material is heated, insulated and stirred evenly.The screw pump will inject the core material continuously and evenly into the bulging shell.

Belt Conveyor: 

Function: transferring the Materials from the extruder to an oven

Drying Oven: 

Equipped with 3 layers conveyor

Function: roasting and drying snack product and fully extracting humidity

Heating Energy Working System : three option choice.

1-Electricity system

2-Diesel system (Baltur Italy)

3-Gas system (Baltur Italy)

Flavoring machine

Function: mix the oil and flavors on the surface of the puff snacks

Oil spraying machine

Function: mixing flavor with oil and spraying it on the surface of core filled puff snacks

Capacity: 50 Liters per tank

Automatic Packing Machine

Function:weighing filling and packing the core filled snack bar into bags for sale


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