Automatic Corn Puff Snak Production Line

This Automatic Corn puff snacks production line will create a myriad of standard shapes such as Corn Curls ,Corn Cheese Balls ,Shrimp Curls,Onion Ring etc.The puff snacks processing line can use kinds of material such as corn flour or corn powder,wheat flour,oat flour,other grain.

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Product item:automatic corn puff snacks production line

Product description:

This Corn snacks production line work with mixing,extrusion,drying and flavoring,packing process automaticly. it can make different shapes such as Corn Curls ,Corn Cheese Balls ,Shrimp Curls,Onion Ring etc.

Raw material:Corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley powder,sugar,salt,favor such as coco powder,cheese;water

Final products:Variety shapes are available for corn curls,cheese ball, tube, stick, ring,fruit loop, star, wheel and flower and heart shape

Machine material:Stainless steel 304 or as customer??s request

Electricity component brand:Siemens,ABB motor available??Delta,LG inverter available

Burner brand:Baltur,Italy

After sale service provided:field installation,video technical support

automatic corn puff snacks production line

Product parameter:






Electric type

GAS or diesel type

Electric type

GAS or diesel type

Electricity Power






GAS/diesel request



GAS 10-15m3/h

Or diesel 6-8kg/h


GAS 10-15m3/h

Or diesel 6-8kg/h

Output capacity





(L*W*H) mm







Processing flow of automatic puff snack production line:

Processing flow:Mixing system; Extrusion system; conveyoring system; Drying system; Flavoring system; Packing system

Equipment involved:Mixer; Spiral conveyor; Double screw extruder; Air conveyor; Drying oven; Flavor mixing drum; Oil sprayer; Automatic packing machine.

automatic corn puff snack making machine

Seperate equipment description of the automatic puff snacks making machine:

Corn mixer

Function: mixing and hydrating corn flour

Spiral Conveyor

Function: transferring the Materials spirally from the corn blender to an extruder

Double Screw Extruder


The double screw extruder is composed of two co-rotating high-torque screws that mesh with each other. Due to the wide design range of the screw and barrel, various screw profiles and process functions can be set according to the process requirements, so the double screw extrudercan be High-strength flexibility ensures transportation, compression, mixing, cooking, shearing, heating, cooling, pumping, molding, etc.It is an ideal choice for processing breakfast cereals, snack foods, food raw materials, modified starches, pet foods, etc.

Model: SLG-55,SLG-65,SLG-70

Production Capacity: 120 – 150 Kg/h ??SLG-65 extruder as example??

Depending on the type of raw materials, the amount of flavor added and also the thickness of the grain

The extruder can produce up to 40 shapes of chips

Air Conveyor:

Function: transferring the Materials from the extruder to an oven

Drying Oven:

Equipped with 3 layers conveyor

Function: roasting and drying corn chips and fully extracting humidity

Working System : customized

1-electricity system

2- Diesel system (Baltur Italy)

3- Gas system (Baltur Italy)

Flavour treatment or seasoning machine

Function: spreading homogeneous mixture of oil and flavor on the outside of the chips.

Oil sprayer

Function: mixing oil ( flavor) and spraying it indsie flavor drum

Capacity: 50 Liters per tank


Puff snack Packing Machine


Function:weighing filling and packing the puff snacks into bags for sale

Details photos of puff snack making machine:

industrial automatic puff chips cheetos making machine


1.what is the main material to make corn puff snacks?

The corn puff snacks making machine can use corn flour as material.

The puff snacks making machine can adopt rice flour,wheat flour or oat flour or any other grain as raw material also.

2.this automatic puff snack production line only produce one shape snack?

NO, you can achine different shapes by changing the DIE of double screw extruder,or changing different CUTTER or SHAPER MACHINE. to do installation after sale?

We provide video technical service to guide you to operate the fried chips machine normally,save your money and production time.Also you can contact our local field installation service office in Ethiopia??Sudan??Thailand??Bangladesh??Tunisia??Uzbekistan??Turkmenistan.


Wanwei machinery company workshop:

industrial automatic corn chips kurkure making machine

Wanwei machinery delivery:

full automatic puff snack extruder machine



Video of Automatic Corn Puff Production Line:


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