The advantages of the twin screw extrusion pet dog fish food machine

The advantages of the twin screw extrusion pet dog fish food machine

Comparing twin screw extrusion versus single screw extrusion is an important exercise for most decision-makers who want to invest in pet food extrusion technology. In the checklist below, based on our long term experience in providing twin screw extruders for a wide range of applications, here is a checklist of the main processing advantages of the Wanwei machinery twin screw extrusion technology.

Twin screw pet feed machine has been more and more recognized by the major manufacturers, more and more commercial production of double screw fish feed machine products, so what are the advantages of the machine in the end? Here is a brief introduction:

1. The adaptability of raw materials is wider, Twin screw extrusion feed machine needs a wider range of raw materials, can adapt to high viscosity, low viscosity, high oil, high moisture, viscous, oily, high humidity of raw materials and some other raw materials in the single screw production will slip processing.

2. Remarkable mixing capability, due to the interpenetration of the screws and the broad diversity of specialized screw designs (such as reverse screw elements, kneading blocks, gear mixing elements, etc.) which allow the extent of shearing/mixing to be precisely adjusted; hence leading to control the degree of mixing in regards to mixing intensity and mixing quality (dispersive versus distributive). Conversely, mixing capability of single screw extruders is very limited, and any flow restrictions to enhance mixing through special screw designs lead to depress the extruder throughput.

3. High level of process flexibility, due to throughput and screw speed independency, and capability to handle multiple processing functions in series (such as melting, mixing, cooking, venting, cooling, etc.) in one single extruder. Conversely, with single screw extruders throughput and screw speed are dependent, and screw designs with multiple processing functions in series are restricted.

4. Better control of process parameters, that are: narrower residence time distribution, lower dispersion of shear rates and strain, higher convective heat transfer, accurate control of temperature profile; hence leading to much better control of shear-time-temperature histories in the extruder, to much wider range of mechanical energy inputs, and so to more consistency in regards to material conversion and product quality.

5. The ripening is more thorough, and the ripening is more uniform. Usually the starch ripening degree of the material under high temperature and high pressure of the twin-screw fish feed machine can reach more than 95%, so that the processed aquatic feed can remain stable in water and is not easy to foam, and the nutritional components of the product can be guaranteed to a greater extent without loss. The high degree of gelatinization makes it better digested and more easily absorbed.

6. More production. Good mixing performance makes the heat of the material more timely and uniform, speed up the ripening degree of the material, reduce the change of material temperature, improve the output of extruded food, so that the output of twin screw fish feed machine under the same power is higher.

7. Higher process productivity, due to positive pumping action of the screws, ability to handle wider varieties of raw materials and mix formulations including complex recipes, screw speed-aided compensation of screw wear (with single screw extruders process performances invariably decrease when screw wear increases), lower downtime.

8. Higher economical opportunities and business potential than single screw extruders, owing to higher process flexibility and productivity, to produce wider range of end products, to convert materials and handle product quality more consistently, to compensate the effect of screw wear through screw speed adjustment.

9. Low replacement frequency of wearing parts. Many people think that the single screw extruder wear less wearing parts, in fact, in the process of double screw extrusion due to stable material conveying and material flow characteristics, decided that the material on the screw and barrel sleeve wear is smaller than the single screw, although one more screw, but the wearing parts of the replacement frequency is low, the cost will be low.

10. Lower production costs. Because double screw machine has good stability, operation in the process of feed processing on less waste, less waste water, fewer hours, high heat transfer efficiency, high yield, frequency conversion control more energy efficient, plus accessories cost is also low, double screw fish feed machine final production costs relative to the single screw extrusion machine is still lower.

As large size, large output, and the emergence of the special double screw type, use twin screw pet dog fish feed machine can obtain greater economic benefits, can more fully play extrusion processing technology has a wide range of raw materials, starch gelatinization degree is high, the water stability is much higher than ordinary pellet feed, product density can be adjusted, double screw fish feed machine machinable buoyancy aquatic feed, slow setting, fast and high moisture, high fat feed. So choose a suitable twin screw fish feed machine for the production of aquatic feed is the choice of many customers, Shandong Wanwei Machinery Co., Ltd. welcome major customers to consult and order. Contact: John, Tel :86-18653342336. Our company will wholeheartedly provide you with better prices and more reasonable product solutions.