The Flow Chart of Bugles Chips Production Line

The Flow Chart of Bugles Chips Production Line

The flow chart for bugles chips is as follows: Mixer→ Screw conveyor→Twin screw extruder→ Forming Machine→ Fryer→Flavor machine→Cooling conveyor→packing machine

Process composition:

1. Mixing machine: select different types of mixing machine according to the output of the production line,

2. screw conveyor machine: using the motor as the power, screw conveying, to ensure convenient and fast feeding.

3. Expansion machine: select different models of expansion machine according to the output of the production line. The output can be selected according to the actual production.

4. Cutting machine: bugles cutting machine, bugles size can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

5. Frying machine: can be configured according to customer’s requirements, oil throwing type is more economical.

6. Seasoning line: octagonal cylinder, single cylinder, double cylinder seasoning line, according to the output, product nature configuration.

The bugles production line is an advanced puffed food equipment developed by the Wanwei company according to the market demand.

The production line is easy to operate, easy to learn and understand. It is an ideal choice for manufacturers engaged in the production of bugles food products.Corn flour or wheat flour can be used as raw materials. The mould can be changed for specific product shape.

Wanwei company Professional services:

1. Provide all kinds of basic formula;

2. Various shapes are available;

3. Free installation and debugging;

4. Responsible for training personnel;

5. Free warranty for one year.

6. The production line can be placed according to the size of the customer’s workshop.

7. Customers can provide the size of the plant, and technicians can give the best equipment scheme for free.