What are the seasoning methods of puff snack food?

What are the seasoning methods of puffed food?

As a fan of puffed food, do you know how the delicious puffed food tastes? People who know puffed food all know that puffed food is a kind of special food made from some grains and other materials through special processing. The reason why puffed food is delicious is inseparable from its later seasoning.

I: Flavoring methods of puffed food

The flavoring of puffed food is generally divided into three kinds: base material flavoring, surface flavoring and finished product flavoring. Some use one of them, some use several at the same time.

1. Seasoning: seasoning will be mixed together to increase the flavor of the product.

2. Surface Flavoring: before frying, the flavoring water is attached to the puffed food by spraying, which can reduce the oil content of the product and make the product obtain the desired texture in the frying process.

3. Finished product seasoning: the product is seasoned in the rolling drum or continuous spraying chain belt to make the product have palatable taste and attractive fragrance.

II: Principles of seasoning and flavoring for puffed food

1. When determining the taste and flavor of a product, we should make clear the positioning of the product, that is, consumption area, consumption group and consumption habit. The basic point is to reproduce the unique flavor of the product and the flavor familiar to consumers.

2. The aroma and taste of seasoning should be consistent with that of the seasoning itself, and the seasoning of base material, surface and finished product should be consistent, so that it can play a strengthening role.

3. When selecting flavor ingredients and flavors, the consistency between heat resistance, volatility, head flavor, medium flavor and bottom flavor should be considered. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the special form of seasoning, not caking, so that instant noodle seasoning can be mixed evenly.

4. When seasoning, try to choose pure seasoning to make it have rich, pure, stable taste and aroma.

5. The addition of spices should be appropriate, and the principle should be to highlight the main flavor, rather than to seize the limelight.

III: The role of yeast extract in puffed food seasoning

The main components of yeast extract are a variety of amino acids, peptides, flavor nucleotides, B vitamins and so on. It has the characteristics of purity, rich nutrition, delicious taste, rich flavor and so on. Yeast extract is a kind of food flavor enhancer, which can effectively cover up food odor, relieve acid taste and enhance mellow feeling.

Yeast extract has stable performance and can withstand high temperature of 180 ℃. Adding yeast extract into puffed food can make the product taste mellow and thick, and make the product structure more uniform, taste more crisp, tooth sticking phenomenon significantly reduced, which can reduce the damage of food quality in the process of processing, and also can improve the nutritional potency of the product.

The addition amount of yeast extract in puffed food is generally 0.5-3%. The addition point can be added in any of the three ways of puffed food seasoning.

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